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2024 Agenda

Insuretech Connect Asia 2024


Revolutionising Customer Engagement: Leveraging Avatars and LLM for customer touchpoint

05 Jun 2024
Track 1

NTT Communications, at the helm of the corporate division of Japan's largest mobile carrier NTT docomo Group, is teaming up with D-ID, a pioneering force in GenAI to drive the integration of avatars within Japanese financial institutions. Leveraging D-ID's powerful APIs for real-time integration with LLMs, Japanese financial institutions can now craft lifelike digital people for highly personalized customer interactions.

Top-tier Japanese insurance companies have eagerly embraced this innovative initiative. With unwavering support from D-ID, NTT Communications conducted PoC with two prominent insurance companies, Taiyo Life and a leading online vehicle insurance provider, spanning from January to March of this year. Both insurers displayed tremendous enthusiasm and commitment to advancing to the next phase, with their sights firmly set on achieving full commercial implementation.

In this presentation, Katsuya Yoshioka will cover the PoC, detailing methodologies, insights, and challenges. He will also discuss future strategies for avatar-based customer interactions in finance and touch upon D-ID's latest services being considered for integration.
Katsuya Yoshioka, Director of Marketing - NTT Communications