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2024 Agenda

Insuretech Connect Asia 2024


Insurance 3.0: Human-Centric Design & The AI-Ready Workforce

05 Jun 2024
Room 5001

The insurance industry is at a crossroads. AI promises a revolution, but its success hinges on its most valuable asset - its people. Is the industry ready?

In this session we will deep dive into the human side of AI adoption. Discover how to future-proof your workforce and unlock the true potential of AI to create a people-centric insurance experience of tomorrow.

The Human Factor: Cultivating an AI-Ready Mindset

- Building Confidence in Change: Learn how to shift mindsets and embrace the potential of AI. Discover strategies to navigate uncertainty and foster a culture of continuous learning.

- Redefining Human Expertise: Explore how AI can augment human capabilities, not replace them. Develop strategies for building a workforce that thrive in a human-AI collaboration environment.

- Unlocking Agility: Equip your team with the agility and adaptability needed to keep pace with the evolving AI landscape.

Don't just implement AI, humanise it! This workshop equips you with the tools and strategies to cultivate an AI-ready workforce and unlock the full potential of AI for lasting customer impact. Join us to unlock the future of insurance, together.

Shalini Pavithran, CEO - Singapore College of Insurance
Christoffer Erichsen, CEO & Founding Partner - Human Inc