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2024 Agenda

Insuretech Connect Asia 2024


Bridging the 4 Gaps of Innovation with AI

04 Jun 2024
Room 5002

In this session, we delve into a data-driven roadmap for AI-powered transformation in the insurance industry. This session goes beyond the hype, exploring how AI empowers human expertise across the insurance value chain - from personalised underwriting to risk mitigation strategies.

From Hype to Implementation: Practical Strategies for AI Transformation in Insurance

- Linear x Exponential: Challenge traditional notions with exponential AI growth through real-world examples, illustrated by a conglomerate's 100-hour management transformation.

- Fixed x Growth: Embrace Amplified Intelligence and the fusion of artificial capabilities. Discover Evollo, a startup leveraging AI text analysis to dramatically enhance customer experiences.

- Product x Experiences: Forget static products, it's all about crafting personalised customer experiences. Showcasing how big brands are leveraging AI-powered creative solutions to transform interactions and build lasting customer loyalty.

- Download x Upload: Explore the forefront of internet evolution, from virtual worlds' integration to the potential of Mind Upload, setting new standards for insurance digitalisation.

This session will take you on a journey towards a future powered by AI. Whether you're looking to personalise customer experiences, optimise operations, or unlock new avenues for innovation, AI offers game-changing opportunities. Leverage the power of AI to transform your insurance business and secure a competitive advantage.

Shalini Pavithran, CEO - Singapore College of Insurance
Harold Schultz Neto, Chief AI Officer - MakeOne