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2024 Agenda

Insuretech Connect Asia 2024


Launching of Cybersecurity Insurance for SME/SMI markets

06 Jun 2024
Demo Stage

The digital domain especially SME/SMI is facing an unprecedented escalation of cyber threats, with AI technologies presenting both immense potential and novel challenges. Addressing this gap is imperative to fortify businesses against the growing tide of AI-driven cyber threats.

Lexasure and OneDegree Global has joined hands to combine the strengths of risk assessments and modern technologies to provide a "Reinsurance as a Service" (RaaS) for cybersecurity insurance - a platform that combines digital onboarding, risk profiling, straight-through underwriting and policy issuance together into a seamless customer experience to get their businesses protected from cyber risks under minutes. We also allow standard API with all the insurance companies and their distribution partners such as TELCO and MSSM to market this innovative product.

BG Lim, Chief Technology Officer - Lexasure