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26 Apr 2023

Revolutionizing Insurance for a Better Customer Experience - A Look at ReMark's Digital Transformation Strategy

During our conversation with Gang Pei, the Head of North Asia at ReMark, he provided insights on his experience in digital transformation across the various traditional and highly regulated industries. He discussed how ReMark is simplifying access to cover and are matching the protection amount based on a policyholder’s lifestyle to appeal to the younger generation in Japan. Furthermore, he delved deeper into how ReMark plans to stay ahead of the curve by utilising emerging technologies to enhance and deliver exceptional insurance experiences. 

Could you tell us about your background and what influenced your career journey leading up to joining ReMark? 

Despite working in several industries - telecommunications, healthcare and pharma - all my jobs had one thing in common: digital transformation (DX). The industries I worked also shared a commonality – chiefly, that they are traditional and highly regulated. 

Systems and processes are not easy to transform. When seeking to make progress within them, you need to deeply understand your business and the value technology can bring. In this way, the insurance industry was no different from others I had worked in. And to complement this experience, I had actually majored in Economics at university, with a focus on Statistics and Actuarial Science. 

This unique background suited my current role well, and it is one of the reasons ReMark asked me to lead its North Asian activities, centred primarily around the Japanese market.  

Drawing on prior experience, this was an exciting opportunity to transform ReMark’s business model in a way which enabled our clients to leverage digital transformation to deliver on their business objectives and maximise their value. 





You previously mentioned at our ITC Asia Japan roadshow that “Insurance is not attractive enough for the young generation (in Japan)”. Can you elaborate? What is ReMark doing to address this?  
先日のITC Asia Japan roadshowで、「(日本では)若い世代にとって保険は十分に魅力的ではない」とおっしゃっていました。詳しくお聞かせください。また、リマークはそれに対してどのような取り組みをしているのでしょうか。 

Sure. The results I shared at ITC Japan were drawn from our recent Global Consumer Study (GCS). They reveal that, despite Millennials and Gen Z becoming the main purchasers of insurance policies globally, in Japan things are different. Here, the Silent Generation are still the main purchasers of policies. Additionally, the survey revealed that 75% of Gen Z respondents in Japan said their attitudes towards risk and the value of insurance changed during Covid-19. This tells us that protection is on their minds, even though this trend may not fully be translated into purchases at this stage. 

There is clearly an opportunity here. Digital native (Gen Z + Millennials) comprise about 30% of the total population in Japan. This is comparable to Malaysia’s total population, and opens up huge business potential. Unlike older generations, who typically spent their entire careers in one company, younger generations may have a less linear professional career. From freelance jobs to gig economy roles, they may embrace a more flexible lifestyle. But at same time, we need to understand that this can come with greater uncertainty and may lead to a growing protection gap if not catered for properly. Unfortunately, traditional insurance does not align with this kind of lifestyle. You pay the fixed monthly premium and get cover; then if you stop your payments, your cover will stop. We saw this happen a great deal during the pandemic. 

At ReMark, we are trying to answer this challenge by making insurance a part of people’s daily life. We’re simplifying access to cover and matching the protection amount based on a policyholder’s lifestyle. We’re making insurance more affordable and more flexible.  

 ITC Japanでお話しした結果は、私たちが実施した最新版の世界消費者調査(GCS)から得られたものです。調査結果によると、世界ではミレニアル世代とZ世代が保険契約の主な加入者となっているにもかかわらず、日本では状況が異なっていることが明らかになりました。日本では、サイレント世代が依然として保険契約の主要な加入者であることが明らかになりました。さらに、この調査では、日本のZ世代の回答者の75%が、Covid-19でリスクや保険の価値に対する考え方が変化したと回答しています。このことは、現段階では加入にはいたっていないが、Z世代が保険に対する関心を持っているということを示しています。 



How has ReMark utilised emerging technologies in the past? And how can these improve the customer experience? 

ReMark is a global insurance marketing & tech consultancy. Over 38 years, we have conducted more than 12,000 insurance marketing campaigns in all mediums, from mail to mobile. During this time, we have grown our knowledge, insights, and methodologies in line with tech advancements. 

Examples of this include developing the policy management system RaPid, our health & wellness engagement app Good Life (powered by SCOR’s Biological Age Model BAM algorithm) and the AI disease prediction service Good Health. In fact, the Good Life app just won an iF Design Award for its UI/UX, and has just collected multiple Indigo Design Awards related to its innovation. 

All ReMark’s solutions are designed and targeted to provide the best consumer experience. And we continue to work with the modern tech advancements to provide better lifestyle insurance in Japan. 


その例として、保険契約管理システム「RaPid」の開発、SCORの生物学的年齢モデルBAMアルゴリズムを搭載した健康増進アプリ「Good Life」、AI疾病予測サービス「Good Health」があります。実際、Good LifeアプリはそのUI/UXで国際的なデザイン賞であるiF デザイン賞を受賞したばかりで、またインディゴデザインアワード(Indigo Design Award)でも、その革新性に関連した複数の賞を受賞したところでした。 


 Looking forward, how do you see the digital field evolving in the next 5-10 years? What are some imminent challenges and opportunities you foresee for the industry, and how will ReMark stay ahead of the curve? 

Going digital should not be a goal or objective. It is only a tool or a way to make business more efficient, a way to make customer’s lives more convenient. Traditionally, insurance is a product highly reliant on face-to-face channels because it can at times be difficult and complex for consumers to understand. They struggle to select the right product, the right plan to fit their needs. However, this is where digitisation can be revolutionary. 

I believed in a new type of insurance. Insurers need to provide products linked to people’s lifestyle. Like SNS or EC, insurance has the potential to be more present in people’s everyday lives. We should diversify distribution channels and meet people where they actually are, not where we assume they will be. 

ReMark is always learning from the market through our Global Consumer Study as well as our various marketing campaigns. We continuously design digital solutions to provide the best insurance experience. 




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