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Amarit  Franssen

Amarit Franssen

CDBO & Co-Founder, Appman
Mr. Amarit Franssen is the Co-founder and CEO of Appman. AppMan was founded in 2014 and has since grown to become Thailand's leading Insurtech firm. Today, the company provides a variety of digital solutions, such as OCR, E-KYC, and Digital Face-to-Face, intending to re-engineer client organizations. Mr. Amarit Franssen is dedicated to disrupting and improving traditional businesses via the use of technology. He expressed his belief in the power of technology that drives innovation and enhances people's lives. "Digital solutions can help bridge the gap between people and technology, more services may be made available to everyone, regardless of their financial status or location."

Because of Mr. Amarit's expertise in the information technology industry, he holds a position as a board member of the Federation of Thai Industries and the General Secretary of the Digital industry. Mr. Amarit was also a founding member and a Former Board of Insurance Cluster & Secretary General Thai FinTech Association. In addition, was a Plan and Policy analyst at the Royal Thai Government House.