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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Amerson Lin

Amerson Lin

CEO & Co-Founder, Gigacover
Amerson was born and raised in Singapore. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005 with a BSc and MEng in Computer Science. As a Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholar, he returned to Singapore to serve in the Air Force. He was an airborne surveillance officer and later did corporate strategy and planning for MINDEF HQ. However, he was always interested in building a business with technology so he left the military in 2011 for Silicon Valley. He first worked as a consultant in Pivotal, which helped scale early-stage startups like Twitter across millions of users. He then moved to Palantir Technologies to run business development for big data analytics contracts across banking, government and media MNC customers in Singapore and New York. Upon returning to Singapore in 2016, Amerson co-founded Gigacover in 2017 to build financial services for independent workers. He was a freelance consultant once and felt the pain points himself. As the gig economy grows, he feels that independent workers should have access to flexible, affordable and suitable insurance and financing solutions.