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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Axel Baur

Axel Baur

CEO, Amplify Health

Dr Axel Baur is an expert and thought leader in healthcare, and he is passionate about health-tech innovation and entrepreneurship. In his role as Chief Executive, Axel will lead a company aspiring to make Asia healthier through excelling in Technology, Data Science and People, and by doing so creating and sharing value in the health systems of Asia. He is based in Singapore. Axel has been immersed in the healthcare sector for more than 30 years.

He started his career with his PhD training in molecular biology and then built a biotech start-up. Axel then joined the consulting firm McKinsey, becoming one of its few healthcare industry leaders globally. He led the team globally and worked closely with clients across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to deliver sustainable impacts to various healthcare systems and healthcare companies across the value chain, their shareholders and society.