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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Chang Li

Chang Li

VP, Fintech/Insurtech, Plug and Play Japan | Director, Fintech Association of Japan | Ambassador, FinCity. Tokyo

Chang joined Plug and Play in 2018 after a career in a major Japanese life insurer through work experience in investment investigation, cross-border M&A, and profit management. Chang is supporting both startup growth and corporation innovation currently. Graduated from HKU MBA.

李 暢

Plug and Play Japan株式会社 VP, Fintech / Insurtech FInCity.Tokyo アンバサダー

香港大学MBA在学期間中シリコンバレーのInsurtechスタートアップの日本進出を支援。2018年12月にPlug and Play Japanへ入社し、日本のInsurtechエコシステム作りに励んでいる。P2P保険プラットフォームのスター トアップFrichへの投資を担当。