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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Dato' Wayne Chen

Dato' Wayne Chen

CEO and Co-Founder, GoalsMapper
Wayne Chen, CEO: Passionate about driving change in businesses and society through technology. An experienced entrepreneur who has built multiple international businesses across industries such as events, training and HR since 2007. Wayne is an experienced business owner with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. He started investing and building up multiple businesses across industries such as events, training and human resources since 2007. The businesses currently have more than $60 million turnover annually. Wayne co founded his most successful company in Human Resource, Elitez Private Limited in 2010. Under Wayne’s leadership, Elitez has developed a strong operating framework providing professional and integrated product and service training to part-time promoters in Singapore. Wayne currently oversees regional marketing, business development and CSR initiatives, managing key client accounts and developing strategies for Elitez to position the business for greater growth. In 2017, he joined GoalsMapper Pte Ltd to lead the team as the Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, in less than 2 years, GoalsMapper had supported close to 80,000 end-consumers and was awarded InsurTech of the Year at a regional Awards with a judging process that was independently audited by EY. We have also expanded our footprints across South-East Asia in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, by localising our platform with a reliable distribution channel. Wayne’s interest and vision for fintech was planted when he was exposed to the financial advisory industry early in his career. While passionate about the invaluable role of professional financial consultants and proper financial planning, he saw a huge gap in the financial advisory process as most advisers conducted their business with pen and paper still, and there was no technology to enable holistic financial planning to help both the financial consultants in delivering them, and clients in receiving proper comprehensive advice. Graduated with a Diploma in Accountancy and Taxation, he gained his knowledge and skills through rotating roles in his past 13 years of entrepreneurship journey in Business Development, Marketing and Operations. He believes that if everyone were empowered with proper financial planning tools and knowledge, people could live better lives – lives free from the what-ifs; lives enjoyed on one's own terms. Quote: “My biggest motivation is helping individuals gain greater clarity over their finances. Knowing that we are able to impact the industry positively and help people to better understand their financial situation excites and drives me to continue our work.” - Dato’ Wayne Chen