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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Dave Shrikant Kaushikbhai

Dave Shrikant Kaushikbhai

Vice President, Business & Technology APAC, FPT

Shrikant Dave is a distinguished representative of the Technology and Business Solutions Group at FPT, boasting over three decades of extensive experience within the IT industry. Throughout his illustrious career journey, he has adeptly assumed diverse roles ranging from consultant to project manager to program manager to practice leader for SAP and modern application services.

In each capacity, Shrikant has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in steering various projects to success. His responsibilities have encompassed the comprehensive spectrum of project management, from initial customer engagement to envisioning and executing solutions that translate vision into tangible outcomes and value. His strategic approach prioritizes the seamless transition from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring that clients derive maximum benefit from their investments.

Furthermore, Shrikant plays a pivotal role in fostering alliances and partnerships, which significantly contribute to FPT's capability in offering cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions to its clientele. Leveraging his network and expertise, he identifies and integrates niche products and off-the-shelf solutions, thereby enriching FPT's ecosystem of partners. This strategic initiative not only ensures access to the latest technologies but also enhances FPT's ability to deliver optimal solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of its customers.