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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Derek Feebrey

Derek Feebrey

CEO & Co-Founder, Trendspek
Trendspek transforms how you manage assets and optimise value with the world&rsquos leading Precision Asset Intelligence software, Trendspek. Forget endless travel to remote locations for dangerous onsite inspections or 3D models with low-resolution finishes. Instead, glide around a Precision Reality Twin so detailed that it is virtually indistinguishable from the original asset. Then, collaborate securely in real-time with global experts, measure, markup, and deliver detailed reports that minimise risk, maximise certainty, and drive decisions. After a career &lsquoflying high&rsquo as a Qantas airline pilot, Derek was inspired by the future of aviation, having co-founding Hoverscape in 2013 &ndash one of Australia&rsquos first commercial drone businesses and went on to specialise in asset inspections. In 2018, driven by client demand, Derek co-founded Trendspek, An industry-first solution that cannot be &ldquounseen&rdquo.