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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Dr. Chatchai Thnarudee

Dr. Chatchai Thnarudee

Board of Directors - Center of InsurTech, Thailand by Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) & Jaymart Insurance Public Company Limited

Embracing global recognition as a strategic visionary, Dr. Chatchai Thnarudee marks 25 transformative years of leadership on an international scale, manifested through:  

1. Spearheading Change & Cultivating Growth: Across continents, from the USA to New Zealand and Asia, Dr. Chatchai has pioneered transformations, scaled businesses, and orchestrated impressive turnarounds. Guided by strategic management, business model innovation, design thinking, and disruptive technologies, he has championed enterprise evolution, executing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, SMEs, and pioneering startups in sectors ranging from Finance to Insurance, Healthcare and Commerce.  

2. Nurturing Talent, Forging High-Performing Teams & Enriching Ecosystems: Dr. Chatchai develops and empowers individuals, fostering entrepreneurial and collaborative environments while architecting world-class organizations globally, regionally, and locally.  

3. Empowering Societies: Grounded in a commitment to giving back, Dr. Chatchai shares expertise as an adjunct scholar, connects vibrant communities, serves as a ministerial advisor, and contributes as a Strategy Columnist.

Dr. Chatchai presently holds positions on the Board of Directors of several distinguished firms such as Board of Directors, Jaymart Insurance Public Company Limited, and Board of Directors, Center of InsurTech, Thailand by Office of Insurance Commission (OIC). He has previously exemplified leadership as CEO of Jaymart Insurance PCL, Managing Director of Accenture, CIO of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Global Manager at Chevron Energy Technology Company, and Regional Shared Services and Center of Excellence at Chevron Asia South etc.

His educational background includes a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Strategy, an MBA, a Master's degree, and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, reflecting his commitment to continual learning and professional excellence.