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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Francoise Gelbard

Francoise Gelbard

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development & Strategy, HumanableCX

Francoise is Co-Founder and Global head of Sales of Humanable.Prio to c-creating Humanable, she had 20 years consulting experience in insurance and financial services across business intelligence, data & insights, and customer experience and digital.

The Humanable Enterprise AI CX Automation Platform brings a human touch to digital transactions, enabling customised interaction throughout the customer lifecycle for. Our SaaS platform, delivers hyper-personalised conversational interfaces, and automates workflows across the customer lifecycle from acquisition, through to engagement and retention for banks, insurers, wealth and other financial services clients

Our patented video concierge interface enables us to uniquely offer high-touch white glove solutions, across the insurance customer experience value chain. Our rules based, real human presenters allows data-driven, real-time, customer journey digital interactions to be delivered to insurance customers across the customer lifecycle at each touch point, empowering customers to chart their own journey at every moment that matters, and to seamlessly complete applications and transactions.

This unique technology enables financial services organisations to provide the excellent digital experience their customers expect, while boosting their operational efficiency and streamlining processes.These hyper-personalised digital interactions are designed to reduce abandonment rates for online financial services products and services, as well as improving customer acquisition, onboarding costs, claims turnaround times, contact centre traffic, and lapse rates.