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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Frank Bomers

Frank Bomers

Partner, AccelerAsia

Frank is an experienced and pragmatic entrepreneur based in Singapore. Having started his career in private equity in the Netherlands, he ventured into entrepreneurship in Asia in 2006, founding his first startup and later establishing AccelerAsia in 2010.

Leading an international team of sales specialists, Frank has worked with 80+ scale-ups from Israel, Europe, and the US, specializing in crafting and delivering on effective sales strategies for the APAC market. His expertise lies in B2B software sales, direct as well as through partners.

As the founder of AccelerAsia, Frank focuses on identifying technology companies that meet specific needs in Southeast Asia and are ready to scale. Beyond work, he's a proud father of two and enjoys sports. Frank holds a Masters in Financial Business Administration from the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam.