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Irwin Wei

Irwin Wei

Data Analyst, Sedgwick

Prior to joining the insurance industry, Irwin was involved in consulting, product development, research and software engineering in the telecommunications, mobile services, IT and construction sectors. His work across multiple industries involved handling data for a variety of applications such as risk analysis, instrumentation, engineering, inventory management and migration of IT systems. He also managed multiple IT projects in the telecommunications and government sectors.

In 2015, Irwin joined the industry as a loss adjuster and accrued 4 years of experience handling claims types such as construction, engineering, major flood, cyclone, product liability, general liability, and work injury. Following a brief period with a broker, Irwin pursued an intensive data science training program to be equipped for the emerging data-driven economy.

In 2020, Irwin joined Sedgwick to build its data-related capabilities within Asia to develop data-driven client services, and to implement enhanced management reporting across the business. Irwin also leads the promotion and deployment of Sedgwick’s suite of digital claims management solutions that complement its existing Loss Adjusting and Third-Party Administration (TPA) services. Recognizing that the successful adoption of digital services is highly dependent on data quality and availability, Irwin has developed and manages Sedgwick’s data quality program in Asia.