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John Januszczak

John Januszczak

President & CEO, UBX
John Januszczak is the President &amp CEO of UBX. UBX was initiated to positively impact financial inclusion and business growth through technology. Founded in 2018 by Union Bank of the Philippines, UBX operates in Singapore and the Philippines recognized as the Fastest Growing Fintech Company in South East Asia 2020 by UK-based Global Brands Magazine and Best Digital Community Impact Initiative in South East Asia 2020 by Capital Finance International ( Under his leadership, UBX has defined the standard for digital payment platforms and access to credit. Originally from Canada, his degree in Astrophysics and experience in telecom, commercial software, banking and insurance industries provides a unique and well-rounded perspective on digital platforms. Prior to UBX, John served as the Chief Operating Officer of Manulife Philippines.