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Kanako  Sugiura

Kanako Sugiura

CEO & Founder, Midwives GLOBAL

After obtaining certifications as a midwife, nurse, and public health nurse in Japan, I worked at a perinatal center where over 3,000 births took place each year. In total, I've been involved with more than 3,000 pregnancies, births, postpartum care, and women's health visits. As an expat going through anxious and lonely childcare experiences, I realized the lack of social support and understanding of women's life events. This led me to establish Midwives GLOBAL Inc. in 2021.

Since then, we've created a global online service that connects pregnant women and mothers (and fathers) around the world with midwives. Our service has supported 4,000 families in 30 countries over the past 2 years and has reduced anxiety among pregnant or parenting mothers, as well as the likelihood of postpartum depression.