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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Kazuki Takahashi

Kazuki Takahashi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EXPLAZA, Inc.

During his university years, Kazuki Takahashi worked at Logbar, Inc. (USA), Goodpatch GmbH (Germany), and MAI International Associates JSC. (Vietnam). Upon returning to Japan, he co-founded Flamingo Inc., a company specializing in language services, and served as the founder and COO of Journey Inc., a company related to OTA (Online Travel Agency).

In 2018, he joined Mercari, Inc., where he held positions such as the product owner for the Merpay App's top screen and project leader for the Mercari-Merpay integration project within the group company, Merpay, Inc.

Takahashi founded EXPLAZA, Inc. in 2020, launching both a technical support business and a commerce business. Following this, in 2023, he initiated "EXPLAZA LLM Partner," a service dedicated to supporting corporations in adopting LLM (Large Language Models), focusing on the introduction of ChatGPT environments to businesses and the development of new services and business efficiency tools utilizing LLM technology. Starting in 2023, he also began a collaboration with hokan, Inc. to develop a life insurance-related LLM product.

高橋 一生

株式会社エクスプラザ 代表取締役CEO

大学在学中にLogbar, Inc(アメリカ)、Goodpatch GmbH(ドイツ)、MAI Internatonal Associates JSC.(ベトナム)にて勤務。帰国後に株式会社フラミンゴ(語学関連)の共同創業者COO、株式会社Journey(OTA関連)の取締役COOとして立ち上げを経験。


2020年に株式会社エクスプラザを創業、テクニカルサポート事業やコマース事業の立ち上げを行ったのち、2023年よりLLMの法人導入支援事業「EXPLAZA LLM Partner」を開始。企業向けChatGPT環境導入や、LLMを活用した新規サービス・業務効率化ツールの開発等を行う。2023年より株式会社hokanと共同で生命保険関連のLLMプロダクト開発に着手。