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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Kulin Shah

Kulin Shah

COO & Co-founder, Onsurity Technologies Private Limited
As Co-Founder of Onsurity, Kulin Shah aims to tap India&#39s missing middle through the start-up&#39s universal healthcare coverage. With that, he spearheaded the launch of India&#39s first monthly subscription-led employee healthcare platform, solely dedicated to SMEs and emerging businesses . They partnered with 2000 businesses that can now avail benefits across Insurance, Telehealth, Outpatient expenses, and Wellness, all under one app. Armed with 14 years of experience in launching and driving business P&ampL, category and product management, brands partnerships, growth, business development and venture capital, Kulin attempts to tap India&#39s Missing Middle with Onsurity&#39s offerings through more trusted distributed partnerships. This is part of the start-up&#39s larger vision of providing social security with affordable health solutions.