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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Mahesh Subramanian

Mahesh Subramanian

COO & Co-Founder, CamCom

Mahesh is the co-founder and COO at CamCom. CamCom is an AI enabled computer vision platform for defect and damage assessment on metal, plastic and glass surfaces.

Mahesh is a serial entrepreneur with prior start-ups in networking and in the video technology space. Mahesh has also had corporate stints with Bell Labs and Intel during his time in the US.

Mahesh likes to be at the intersection of technology and business and believes technology should be one of two things: easing customer lives and/or making businesses lot more efficient. He believes AI should be applied and not just a buzzword and should show immediate return of investment for it to become prevalent.

CamCom is working on applied AI in the insurance industry and making the whole claims and inspections processes contactless and seamless for the insurers with high accuracy, objective results and unmatched scale.