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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Masaru Kawakami

Masaru Kawakami

Representative Director and President, InsureMO K.K.
Kawakami is currently with InsureMO, a Singapore-based technology provider for the insurance industry. At InsureMO, Kawakami is leading the transformation of the industry by providing innovative solutions with the mission of "making insurance simple". 
Prior to InsureMO, Kawakami gained international business experience at a foreign IT company where he served as Japan Representative and Head of Sales, and as Head of Vymo Japan K.K., where he successfully entered the Japanese market and established the business. At Kofax Japan K.K., Kawakami led the expansion of RPA technology in Japan and established the business, helping to sell and build systems for more than 100 financial institutions and manufacturing companies.

以前は、外資系IT企業にて日本代表や営業統括を務め、国際的なビジネス経験を積んだ。Vymo Japan株式会社の代表としては、日本市場への進出と事業の確立を成功させた。また、Kofax Japan株式会社では、RPA技術の国内普及と事業立ち上げをリードし、100社以上の金融機関や製造業へのシステム販売・構築に貢献。