Insuretech Connect Asia 2023

Mohandeep Singh

Mohandeep Singh

CEO & Founder, Soft Solvers
Mohandeep Singh is a tech founder, business leader, father, and an engineer-at-heart who values dedication, service and excellence. He has built a legacy spearheading the adoption of cloud-based SaaS in Malaysia. Deep earned his Bachelors of Engineering degree from Thapar University (India), his MBA from Punjabi University (India), and has been residing in Malaysia since 2001. With a background in engineering and technology, consulting, corporate sales, and leadership, his expertise expands over several industries including tech, banking, insurance, finance, and more. He founded Agiliux, a suite of fully compliant SaaS solutions for insurance distribution in May 2020 that helps insurance companies, Insurance brokers and insurance agencies automate, digitalise, foster great customer experience and increase customer loyalty. All this culminates in making these industry players a driving force in the world of digital insurance. He's a tireless and effective leader focused on delivering world-class distribution and automation solutions to B2B enterprise companies across Asia. With over 20 years' direct industry experience on technology and automation, Deep has a wealth of knowledge to share. Deep is interested to talk to potential Customers (Insurance Companies or Brokers) who like to digitally transform their distribution and Partners (System Integrators and IT Resellers), who are looking for world-class technology solutions for their customers and Investors, who would like to work together in our journey to transform the insurance industry. Please contact Deep online or visit our Exhibition booth during the event.