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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Ned Lowe

Ned Lowe

Head of Engineering, Singlife with Aviva
Ned Lowe is the Head of Engineering at Singlife with Aviva, where he oversees the direction and strategy for Singlife&rsquos application tech stack. He was the Chief Technology Officer of Singlife prior to the Aviva Singapore merger. Before Singlife, Ned began his career in the banking sector at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. After spending 12 years working in equity and fixed income trading technology, he was bitten by the startup bug and moved into FinTech, setting up his own SaaS firm, Argomi. Ned then joined Amazon Web Services to help financial institutions with their digital transformation strategy. Ned has a burning passion for technology &mdash he picked up coding at the age of 8 and had always envisioned himself being a chip designer as he studied for his Masters of Engineering at Imperial College London. When not opining on technology to people, he is usually found running up and down mountains &ndash not an easy endeavour where he lives in Singapore.