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Oliver Klein

Oliver Klein

Chief Technologist, Amazon Web Services
Olivier draws on two decades of expertise in Internet technologies, IT architectures, and software engineering to help organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises, apply cloud computing technologies, solve business problems, and create innovative and data driven business models. Olivier has been working for AWS across Asia-Pacific and Europe to help customers implement architectural best practices and be successful in their digital transformation journey. He also advises how emerging technologies in the Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, robotics and IoT space can help create new products, make existing processes more efficient and leverage new engagement channels for end-consumers. Prior to his AWS time, Olivier ran the digital product strategy for an American multinational publishing and education company across Asia and led engineering and R&D efforts to build a virtualised web service platform for a Luxembourgish Internet Service Provider pre-cloud era. Olivier earned a bachelor of science with a major in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences Trier and a masters degree in Software Engineering from the National University of Singapore.