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Rajesh Sabhlok

Rajesh Sabhlok

CEO & Co-Founder, Ocktolife

Experienced Financial Services Professional with 27+ years of total work experience, of which for the last 22+ years Rajesh has been associated with the BFSI Sector.  

Rajesh's association with the Insurance Sector dates back to 2002, around the time when the insurance sector in India was liberalised and MNC organisations were entering the Indian Market. Rajesh worked with two of the leading MNC Insurers AIA and Aviva, holding senior business leadership positions in these companies and gaining valuable experience in Agency Management, Worksite Marketing & Corporate Sales [Employee Benefits] channels. 

Having served the life insurance sector as a practitioner for nearly 6 years, Rajesh joined Willis Towers Watson in 2007 as a Strategy Consultant focused on the BFSI sector. Over the next 12 years, Rajesh went on to Head the Strategy & Innovation Consulting Practice at WTW for APAC and led and managed several Strategy, Banca Deals, M&A, Regulatory projects in Asia for Insurance Companies, Banks, Regulators and others. 

In 2019, Rajesh joined the Executive Leadership Team at Vymo, a sales engagement and enablement solution targeted at the sales and field collection teams of Banks, Insurance and other Financial Services companies, focusing on helping them become more efficient, effective and productive. Rajesh joined the Company as a Chief Customer Officer in 2019 and was tasked with leading the customer organisation with responsibilities that spanned from ensuring that the Sales team is adequately supported during the sales cycle (Pre Sales), the solution is appropriately tailored to the bespoke needs of every Customer (Solutioning), the Customisations needed are developed, tested and delivered to the Customers (Service Delivery) in time (Project Management) and finally ensuring that the Customers were always delighted with VYMO, underpinned by professional high touch engagement and value creation (Customer Success). In 2021, Rajesh was elevated as the Managing Director - Asia Pacific at Vymo and was additionally responsible for growing Vymo's franchise in the region. In the last 3 years Rajesh helped add over 21 new enterprise logos in the region and grow the ARR manifolds.

Having scaled up Vymo over the last 5 years, more recently, Rajesh joined a Singapore based start-up, Ocktolife, as the CEO & Co-Founder, marking his entry into entrepreneurship at the ripe age of 50. He is now investing his time in helping scale up Ocktolife, which is a comprehensive & flexible employee benefits platform that enables employees to curate their own mix of employee benefit offerings as per their bespoke requirements from a curated portfolio of Insurance, Health & Wellness Solutions and Non Insurance Employee Benefits that are made available on the Platform. A Digital Wallet & a Digital Marketplace offers the employees additional avenue to use their flex dollars and/or rewards points from R&R activities to purchase other discounted health & wellness related merchandise. The Employers benefit from higher utilisation of their employee benefit spends thereby ensuring higher perceived value of the benefits offered amongst employees and a better RoI on such spends for the company overall. Additionally, Ocktolife aggregates all employee benefits on a single platform thereby reducing the administration hassles of dealing with multiple providers for the HR and also provides them an alternate, easy to use Engagement Layer to ensure they are connected with the employees through various health & wellness related events, polls & surveys. 

Last but not the least, Rajesh believes in life long learning and over the years has completed several PG Diploma courses - in Leadership, Strategy, Digital Business, Emerging Tech and as we speak, he is a Doctoral Candidate for a DBA Course with Golden Gate University, San Francisco, USA. He has completed his Dissertation Defence and has been cleared to conduct the research on the topic - "Driving Profitable Growth of Life Insurance Agency Profession in India".