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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Shinichi Nakamura 中村 愼一

Shinichi Nakamura 中村 愼一

Managing Executive Officer / 常務執行役員, Sompo Japan Insurance

Shinichi Nakamura is the Managing Executive Officer of Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. He opened the membership site CLUB Panasonic in 2008 as the president and CEO of Hiho C&A company, achieving 10 million members and 200 million page views per month to improve customer loyalty. In November 2017, he joined Sompo Japan (formerly Sompo Japan Nipponkoa) and assumed his current position. As the director in charge of new business, he has promoted six new businesses, including Peer-to-peer car-sharing service “Anyca”, private car lease “SOMPO de Noru”, parking lot sharing “akippa”, and the small amount short-term insurance company "Mysurance". This term, his fourth year, the scale of new businesses are close to reaching 10 billion yen. The CRM-based Sompo Park, one of his new business, has grown to 5.4 million members and 85 million monthly accesses in less than three years. Moreover, at the end of last year, Sompo Japan announced the strategic alliance with “speee“, which develops “Nurikae“ for repair and renovation matching. Several more new businesses are being planned.

 ハイホー・シーアンドエー代表取締役社長などを経て、2008年に会員サイト「CLUB Panasonic」を開設。会員数1000万人、月間2億PV規模に育て顧客ロイヤルティ向上に貢献。

2017年11月損害保険ジャパン日本興亜(当時)に入社し現職。新規事業の担当役員として、個人間カーシェアサービス「Anyca」、マイカーリースの「SOMPOで乗ーる」、駐車場シェア「akippa」、少額短期保険会社の「マイシュアランス」をはじめ6件の新規事業を推進中。4年目の今期は100億円を狙える規模に成長。CRM基盤のSOMPO Parkもローンチし、3年間弱で会員数540万人、月間8,500万アクセスに成長。昨年末に修繕リフォームマッチングのヌリカエを展開するspeee社との戦略的な提携を発表。更なる新規事業を複数計画中。