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Thinesh Subramaniam

Thinesh Subramaniam

Insurance Lecturer , The Malaysian Insurance Institute
Thinesh Subramaniam stands at the forefront of the general insurance industry operational direction and digitization trend. He has been evangelizing an industry-wide shift to the claims and operational excellence.

A calculated risk-taker with deep technical industry knowledge, Thinesh has championed claims services and operations management as paramount proposition to the business drive and profitability. Thinesh is recognized with proven track-record for designing, landing and leading the strategic claims and operations direction; including Branch Operations - Target Operating Model (TOM), Sales Force Management; Fast Track, Straight-Through Process, Automated Fraud Modelling Framework, Re-defined Total Loss Claims Model, Automated Salvage Recovery Model, Automated Parts Bidding, Digitization of End-to-End Claims Process with customer retention proposition.

Throughout his 20 years’ tenure in general insurance operations and claims, Thinesh has built a solid reputation for developing operations and claims strategy and incubating digitization initiatives. He also developed and managed claims services efficiency framework; his front-line customer service practice, claims best practice, claims recovery management protocol has helped the organizations coveted high-level sustainability of the organizations.

Embracing the core value of integrity, efficiency and cost-management, Thinesh was recognized as a referral point and subject matter expert among the Insurance Regulators in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia particularly for insurance crime and claims management matters. He develops and deliver training to Bank Negara Malaysia, Royal Malaysia Police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Judicial and Legal Training Institute of Malaysia (ILKAP) in regards of the insurance fraud management and investigation.

Thinesh holds an MBA (Insurance), Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Counsel of International Investigators (CII), Associateship of Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) and Senior Associateship of ANZIIF (Sr. Associates CIP). Thinesh is also a valued speaker in insurance claims management and operational efficiency, fraud and investigation management; and has presented various conference papers across Asia, Australia, Middle East and USA.