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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Tomasz Kurczyk

Tomasz Kurczyk

Chief Information Technology Officer, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
Tomasz started his career in Poland as an entrepreneur, then turned into a consultant. After working across multiple industries and 16 countries, he now serves as Chief Information Technology Officer at Prudential Financial in Singapore. He is a geek at heart. From the moment he wrote his first application and created his first website at the age of 12, he got fascinated with the opportunities that technology creates around us. Since that moment he decided to focus on helping create, build and grow businesses and organizations that harness the potential of technology compounded with strategy and customer focus to deliver real impact and realize what&rsquos possible in the digital age. Tomasz actively participates in FinTech and InsurTech ecosystem development as SFA ExCo and Chair of the InsurTech subcommittee. He is also a start-up advisor, mentor and angel investor. Tomasz holds an MBA degree from Kellogg School of Management (US) and HKUST (Hong Kong) and MSc in Computer Systems from Politecnico di Milano (Italy).