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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Wooi Seong Cheam

Wooi Seong Cheam

Board of Director, Claim Genius
United States
Cheam Wooi Seong is the founder and CEO of Financial Link, a Software Service company helping insurer/takaful operators, telecommunication operators, banks, and government agencies with Digital Transformation. He also represents one of the board of directors for Claim Genius. a leading global provider of real-time damage detection and estimation for passenger vehicles using its Computer Vision and AI SaaS platform. Cheam is responsible for shaping Claim Genius &amp Financial Link&rsquos strategic collaboration and building the eInsurance Ecosystem platform and solutions for Malaysian Insurance / Takaful Digital Transformation. The collaborative Ecosystem enable Insurer / Takaful Operators and their intermediaries to collaborate, share knowledge and information, and reduce friction points for a better customer experience and engagement. This successful collaboration will make the &ldquoTouchless Claims a Reality&rdquo for South East Asia insurers.