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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Yang Liu

Yang Liu

Founder & CEO, INSLAB

Mr. Yang Liu is the founder & CEO of INSLAB, the leading InsurTech Innovation community in China. Mr. Liu has over 15 years of cross-field experience in insurance, technology, and management consulting. INSLAB was founded in 2015, focusing on supporting Internet insurance, InsurTech, and Insurance Innovation. The INSLAB community members are Chinese insurance leaders and professionals. The INSLAB community is on a mission to celebrate and accelerate insurance innovation.

Founded in 2015, INSLAB is the largest network in China that helps Insurance innovation and Entrepreneurs succeed. We are committed to helping innovation and technologies accessible to insuretech players,connect members with authentic content and knowlegde base, and inspire each other through communication and collaboration. The core members of the community are executives, founders, investors, innovators, incumbents and medias.

We aim to have a positive impact on insuretech industry, we promote equity, objectivity and professionalism with our actions and work. INSLAB has provided hundreds of seminars and conferences each year to enhance the industry, we gathered thousands of professionals through out our yearly event in WuZhen to spread the spirit of creating greater value for customers and to create a more sustainable and inclusive future.