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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024


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With an opportunity to serve the insurance industry, AppMan developed technology solutions that integrate with the complex structure of insurers. Since then AppMan has been consolidating as an expert player in the InsurTech sector. Fulfilling the security needs of the industry, AppMan has developed reliable technology solutions suitable for insurance and other industries with similar needs like banking and financial institutions.

Our expertise in AI and machine learning has earned us the trust of several TOP 10 Thai Insurers, brokers, and banks, with our value proposition to offer a superior experience to customers by leveraging technology.

Reaching the next milestone, we have developed the “Intelligent Working Process” (IWP) Framework. We are confident that IWP will help our customers in different industries e.g., Leasing, Logistic, Healthcare, Blockchain, FinTech, Government, etc. and countries in SEA to enhance their sales capabilities, automate working processes, accelerate the digital acquisition of products to the market, and achieve their business ROI

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