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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Apryse & XLSoft

Company bio Apryse

Apryse, formerly PDFTron, is reimagining the world of documents. With optimized technology and a comprehensive suite of tools, Apryse simplifies even the most complex projects, taking you further, faster. Committed to feature-rich products that are made better, Apryse offers superior document solutions across all applications and enterprise workflows.

Company bio XLsoft

XLsoft Corporation is a leading global software distributor and localization firm, specializing in providing innovative software development tools and IT administrative tools to the Japanese, APAC and U.S. market.

With over 30 years as an independent software distributor, XLsoft Corporation has partnered with leading software vendors to establish their markets in Japan, APAC and the U.S.

XLsoft Corporation’s mission is to provide software developers and IT administrators with innovative software products, services, and new technologies that are available from around the world and to assist them in their respective mission in software development and digital transformation.