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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Exhibitor’s 100% software solution transforms smartphones into wellness and health checks tools. Reducing the need for wearables, the AI-powered, video-based solution allows anyone to measure and share a wide variety of biomarkers, including bloodless blood tests, in just 60 seconds, by simply looking at the camera of a smartphone: blood pressure, heart rate, HRV, SpO2, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity and Pulse Respiration Quotient (PRQ), hemoglobin* and hemoglobin A1c*, cholesterol total* (*under research). The biomarkers offer insights into end-users’ general wellness status, cardiovascular risks, mental stress levels and many more. Insurers can leverage the health data shared to boost automation and risk management during underwriting processes, during STP and non-STP, reduce fraudulent claims and support clients’ wellness journey by empowering wellness apps and programs with objective health data for better engagement and results. serves leading insurance customers such as Sompo, AIA, Momentum, Generali and more. A B2B company, is delivered as an SDK, for seamless integration into existing applications or workflows. Supports iOS and Android devices and Web browsers and is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Meets the requirements of the standard ISO 13485:2016 EN ISO 13485:2016 and is in the process of receiving FDA approval as a Software-as-a-Medical-Device (SaaMD).