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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024



The Digital Eyes Platform was developed by Elevondata in collaboration with a US based Insurance Company to be a game changing risk management solution that enables insurance companies to efficiently collect trusted multiformat data on 100% of the risks they insure.  The structured flexibility offered by Digital Eyes alleviates many insurance industry pain points in less time with lower costs and far superior results as compared to current industry practices.  Digital Eyes AI/ML capabilities optimize underwriting workflows, while its multilingual and white-labelled capabilities enable easy customization and deployment across your organization.

Elevondata Labs Inc. is an emerging technologies company with a proven 10-year track record of providing bespoke solutions and cutting-edge IT services to Fortune 500 Companies. Elevondata’s leadership has extensive experience in consulting, service delivery, and product development with Oracle, IBM, and TCS.  Our standard offerings include Managed Cloud Services, Data Modernization, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Enterprise Blockchain Solutions, and Product Development.

Experience the power of Digital Eyes at the Insurance Technology Conference and discover how they can transform your insurance business. Visit