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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

Intuitive Data Analytics


Intuitive Data Analytics is a US-based company that developed the Patented next generation AI-driven Analytics and Business Intelligence platform that bears the same name (also known as IDA). We designed IDA as “Human Driven AI” because we believe that Human ingenuity and decision making is at its best when it is done spontaneously, non-linearly (i.e., letting one answer inspire the next question), and unplanned.  IDA  is unique because its natural language & gesture based solution delivers real-time visualized analytics without the need for any programming (i.e., no code).  Just speak or type your question, then IDA will immediately write the program and deliver the visualized analytics in seconds.  And, to create regularly needed KPI dashboards, just ask what you want, and drag that resultant chart to Dashberry; it is as easy and quick as that. 

Imagine, with IDA, you don’t need to wait days or weeks for IT to build a chart, or to go through dashboard requirement definition interviews and meetings. The labor and time saving is unparalleled, more importantly it matches your genius moments speed. In this decade, Knowledge is No Longer Power.  Speed to Knowledge is the True Power.   Please visit our kiosk to see how IDA can help you in strategic and operational planning without waiting for IT.