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Insuretech Connect Asia 2024

28 Jun 2023

Interview with Arvind Swami, Head of Financial Services - APAC, Red Hat - InsureTech Connect Asia 2023

Join us in uncovering the future of insurance as we engage in a conversation with Arvind Swami, Head of Financial Services – APAC at Red Hat. Swami emphasizes the increasing customer centricity in the insurance sector, driven by the demand for advanced technologies and personalized experiences. Data plays a crucial role in this transformation, but it is essential to evaluate whether it is living up to its potential. As the volume of data continues to surge, there is a need for a shift in how insurers handle and leverage this valuable asset. Swami highlights the need for an architectural shift, moving towards a geocentric approach that addresses latency and network issues, distinct from the traditional model of housing everything in a single location. 

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